Kaupers` history

Our restaurant is a 300 years granary. In 1995 the owners of the winery fitted out this loft for their first wine tavern.
Beginning 2010 my husband and I took over this wine tavern and we renovated for half a year the kitchen, the roof terrace and the lounge.
In June of 2010 we opened our restaurant Kaupers.
We built all furniture by our self. In addition to the standard 2 and 4 people table, we have big oak table for 14 people, as well as round tables we built to offer our guests a more sociable experience.
For images from the inside of our restaurant you can go here: Your dining room for one night

18 months after opening we got our first Michelin Star due to our personal style of cooking and our perpetual pursuit of quality.
You want to see some of our dishes? You can do that here.

We have also a vegetable garden grow special sorts of old salads. The other vegetables comes from small farmers in the surrounding area – everyone of them had his speciality for us. We get no vegetables from the wholesaler.

Once our former chef told us that the day we’ll have our own restaurant we would never be able to do what we like and what we love, as we would need to obey to the clients wishes. So before we started in this adventure we vowed to ourselves that we’ll find happiness in our work and our partnership. And every day we listen to our heart and do everything for our independence.

Food and Wine

Our menu is very dependent on seasons and the availability of products from our hand-selected suppliers. Consequently it changes regularly. If you are interested in our current menu, just send an email and we will send you an English translation.
Generally we have a 7 course menu that can be eaten in any size (from 3 to 7 dishes). We offer three entries, an optional refresher, a main dish, dessert and/or cheese. We have more than 20 types of cheese and will present them to your table so you can make your own selection.

We focus on German wines and particularly wines from this region, but we also have some international wines. Nora is a trained sommeliere, and each menu can be ordered with a corresponding wine selection.

Our idea of a perfect dinner

A dinner is only as perfect as the person you share it with. But above that, it should take place at a lovely location- our location, there burns lots of candles, fitting music and delicious food that reflects the feelings you are having.

You are welcome to share a evening or late lunch on Sunday in our little restaurant.
If you like to visit us – please write an email … wir freuen uns…

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